Greater One Horned Rhinos are critically threatened worldwide, but today their population increased by one at the Buffalo Zoo.

Last September we found out that Tashi, one of the rhinos at the Buffalo Zoo was pregnant.

It was through artificial insemination that the caretakers were able to achieve this feat, and today, Tashi delivered a new baby male rhino.

According to WGRZ, the baby weighed in at a mere 123.5 pounds.

This is Tashi's fourth calf!

She has been pregnant for 488 days.


Unfortunately we will have to wait to see the new calf as he and Tashi will be off exhibit while the zoo's veterinary staff monitors their progress.

No name has been announced either.  The name will be announced when Tashi and her new baby are unveiled at the zoo.

Congrats to Joe and the entire team who care for the Rhinos, and the entire staff at the Buffalo Zoo for their new addition!  We can't wait to meet them!

Want to help with the conservation of Rhinos across the country?  Join us once again at Bowling For Rhinos this fall.  Put August 2nd on your calendar and stay close for more info.

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