I like to think I'm a great father...but am I deliver my son on the side of the road on the 219 great?  That question still remains.  A local Sheriff's Deputy apparently answered that question for himself on Monday.


Deputy Eric Szkatulski of the Erie County Sheriff's Office and his wife Kelly were driving the 219 on their way to Mercy Hospital when the baby decided he couldn't wait.  As someone who has driven the 219 during high traffic times I can relate.


This was their 3rd child, and son, but this one came into the world a much different way. Fortunately Deputy Eric had some training but still needed to jump on a call with a Mercy midwife to walk him through it.  Turns out you don't just catch the baby!


Everything worked out and baby Eli entered the world at 8lbs 5ozs.  Anyone who has been through child birth knows it is a serious process, so delivering a baby on the 219 is no small feat.  Luckily they were prepared enough to do it, and the baby is healthy and doing great!


Congratulations Eric and Kelly!  Do us a favor and enjoy some down time with baby Eli...and stay off the roads!

(Photo: WGRZ)

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