The online retail giant Amazon, surprised several customers with an email letting them know that not only did they recently have a baby that didn't exist, but also that someone has purchased a gift from their non-existent baby registry.


Amazon claims it was a glitch, but that didn't stop the public from reacting in several different ways.  Some people joked it off and some people were really upset.  I, for one, would have been shocked to get an email like this because I didn't know I could get pregnant.  I've put on a few pounds lately but come on.

Belly button

The mix-up was fixed-up quickly, but it did have me thinking.  What if Amazon got into the baby making business.  I mean why not.  With healthcare costs at an all time high, I would welcome an Amazon Prime baby with free delivery!


Birth is similar to the Amazon experience.  They tell you when to expect your 'package', but it always comes earlier or later than predicted.  You get excited when it arrives, but a few weeks later you start thinking about how much money this cost and whether it was a good idea or not.  So if Amazon could come up with a good return program....:)

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