If you saw Niagara Falls last night, it may have looked a little spooky, but it was lit up in red for two great reasons.

It is one of the most recognizable natural tourist attractions in the country, and last night it was lit up in red.

If you've never seen the falls illuminated in a different color, it's almost as if you've never seen the falls at all.  It looks so cool and normally it's for a great cause that they're trying to bring attention to.

Last night it was for two great causes.  Both of them impact the American and Canadian citizens.

The first cause was International Firefighter's Day.  It's celebrated around the world every year on May 4th.  It's a day that honors the sacrifices that firefighters make to ensure that their communities and environment are as safe as possible.  It's also a day to remember those who have served their communities and are no longer with us.

The second cause was for National Travel and Tourism Week.  That week is always celebrated the first full week in May.  As we emerge from the pandemic, travel is definitely going to become more and more important as the economies of both of our countries try to recover.  Lighting Niagara Falls in red was a sign of unity that shows we support each other.

Hopefully we will be able to gather safely and travel to see loved ones across the border soon!


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