International phone charges can rack up your monthly phone bill, and it can be especially difficult to keep track of those charges when you live so close to the U.S.-Canadian border. 

If you are making an international phone call, that’s one thing, because a lot of us have friends “from across the pond,” so I’m sure that you know that a long distance call from your cell phone in the United States to another phone in Canada will result in a surcharge on your bill. 

Because we are aware of this surcharge, one would try to avoid extra fees…but there are some places in Western New York that can trick your phone into thinking that you are in a neighboring country. 

The longer you live in Buffalo, the more likely you are to risk an international phone charge, but it is even more likely to receive a charge in these locations around Western New York. 

  1. Lake Erie Beach

  2. St. Mary’s hospital

  3. Black Rock Lockwall

  4. Hamburg Beach

  5. Along RT 5 near the Lakeshore Fire Dept area.

  6. Lewiston, NY tends to bounce to Canadian towers

  7. Sunset Beach always jumped to Roger’s in Canada

  8. On the 190 near Peace Bridge

  9. By the Eastern edge of Lake Erie near the Peace Bridge or Gallagher Beach

  10. On campus at Niagara University

  11. In Tonawanda by the river

  12. On Lake Shore Road in Evans

  13. At the West Side Rowing Club

  14. Old Fort Niagara

  15. Niagara University 

  16. Evangola State Park

  17. Near the waterfront

  18. Mickey Rats

  19. Turtle Joe’s in Angola

  20. Artpark

  21. Outer Harbor

  22. Grandview Golf Course

  23. Old Lake Shore in Hamburg

  24. On West River Rd. in Grand Island

  25. Aquarium of Niagara

  26. In a classroom of Niagara Falls High School

  27. Buffalo Yacht Club

  28. Sahlen’s Field

  29. Santeserio on Niagara St.

  30. Goat Island

Typically, cell phone providers seem to be understanding when this happens, especially when they take a look at where you live, so they are usually able to waive the fee, but it is something to be aware of that using your phone in these 30 locations can risk an additional fee on your phone bill at the end of the month. 

Have you ever received an international charge on your phone bill? Where were you when it happened? 

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