Most of us spent some portion of our babyhood in an infant walker. They were the perfect tool for our parents to get us up and walking, but keep us contained at the same time. If New York Senate Bill S111 makes it through the process, baby walkers will be banned in the state.

Sponsored by Senator Kevin Thomas, SB S111 would,

Prohibits the sale of infant walkers; restricts the use of such infant walkers in certain settings.

The bill would prevent the sale, lease, or offer for sale of infant walkers. It would also prevent childcare facilities from using them unless they were a medical need,

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Section 1 also states that no childcare facility or place of public accommodation may use or have on its premises any infant walker unless a medical professional has determined that the use of one is medically necessary for a particular child.

Daycares could be fined up to $500, if the bill passes. The bill's sponsor, Senator Thomas, belives the ban is neccessary to help keep children safe,

A recent study published in the Pediatrics Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that even though there was an overall decline in injuries since the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission issued safety standards regulations on infant walkers in 2010, the risk of serious injury and death remains. According to the AAP's study, ninety percent of the estimated 230,676 children injured from 1994 through 2014 had injuries that involved the head and neck.

The bill is currently in committee. If you disagree with the bill, you can let the NY Senate know here.

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