Everywhere you look there are people with cameras out and snapping photos.

With the invention of smartphones and smartphones, it seems that more and more people are becoming amateur photographers. But is it illegal to take pictures of people without their permission in New York?

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The answer is yes and no.

You have every right to take a photo of people in New York in a public space. According to the website everydayaperture.com, a photographer has every right to shoot in public spaces and capture photos of people without their permission.

Now it is a bit different if the photographer is going to use the person's image for commercial purposes. In those cases, most photographers will have the person sign a release allowing the photographer to use their image. But if the photo is a shot of a crowd of people, normally photographers will not have to get each person's permission to use their faces in the photo.

Things are a bit different if the photo is taken on private property. If you are inside a business or on a piece of land owned by someone, you would have to get permission from the person who owes the land.

What about public spaces like courts or subways or government-owned places? These places all have different rules and you should make sure to double-check what is allowed and not allowed. In those cases, there might be some restrictions on who and what you can photograph.

So if you are going out and about looking to take some nice photos this Spring and Summer, double-check what the law is so you make sure that you don't get yourself in trouble.

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