It's always sad when a legendary, local restaurant closes its doors after many years in business. It's even worse when it happens unexpectedly.

You may remember back in May of 2021, a local hot dog stand said goodbye to its customers after many years in business. Apparently, they will be making a comeback in the spring of 2022.

According to WKBW, Louie's Footlong Hot Dogs in Tonawanda will be returning in the spring of 2022. The hot dog restaurant is located on Grand Island Boulevard in Tonawanda.

Louie's voicemail says they will be reopening in April of 2022, which is obviously amazing news and a surprise to dedicated customers who said goodbye back in May of this year.

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Buffalo is best-known for wings, pizza, and beef on weck; but the hot dog choices in Western New York are pretty great.

Ted's and Sahlen's. You have Louie's Texas Hots, Louie's Footlong Hot Dogs and not to mention Wardynski's and Zweigles, which are also amazing choices if you're craving hot dogs in the region.

I hate seeing local restaurants close, so this is such great news and hopefully, we get more news in the coming weeks and months of reopening plans and special deals.

Which old restaurants would you ant brought back here in Western New York?

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