We talked about it on the new Mix Morning Show last week and then... I had to see it!



So, black Christmas tree's are the new "thing." I can sort of understand the background behind them because there's A Nightmare Before Christmas fans and I could definitely see a black Christmas Tree to go along with that theme.

I am for the black Christmas tree as long as you have a green tree too. I can be a traditionalist sometimes, and when I think about Christmas, I think about the green Christmas tree's.

Well, my awesome friend, Ken actually went out and bought a black Christmas tree and decorated it with skull ornaments, purple lights, orange lights, and everything in between.

When I saw that he had one, I had to go and see it with my own two eyes. It is unbelievable to me. This is the only tree he has, too.

Are you into this? Do you have one? What are your thoughts?




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