(Brett Alan)
(Brett Alan)

Have you seen this tree in East Aurora yet? How did it get there and what the heck is it for? I stopped to ask questions last weekend...this is what I found.

East Aurora is one of those towns that just looks like it belongs in a Christmas movie.  If you've ever taken a walk down the streets around this time of year, you know that they really do it right when it comes to decorating.  This explains why seeing this thing on the street was so confusing to me.

My mom and I were taking a walk after having coffee there last weekend when we stumbled upon this Christmas tree that was definitely decorated...but looked a little sad.  What the heck was it??

attachment-Christmas Tree 2
(Brett Alan)

Why was it there?  Who decorated it?  Is there a purpose for it?

It's not every day you see something like this just jotting out from a brick sidewalk in a town like East Aurora.  So I stopped into the closest store I could find hoping to get some answers.

Here's what they said...

Evidently the tree is there because there was a pipe or something sticking up through the sidewalk that was a bit of a danger to people.  So they marked it with the red X that you can see next to it.  But someone thought that more should be done to make people aware that it was there.  So they taped a branch to the pipe.  They thought that might get some attention.  This is where it really gets interesting.  After the branch was taped to the pipe, someone put the Bills blanket at the bottom.  Then other people came to decorate it for the season.  It just became more and more of a Christmas Tree day by day.

Now...is that really how it happened?  I don't know.  I wasn't there to see it all come together that way.  But that's what I was told.  And at this time of year with the troubles our world is having, I don't mind hearing a story about a tree that came about after some people wanted to keep their neighbors safe and keep their beautiful Christmas town looking like a beautiful Christmas town.  Nice job East Aurora.

That tree isn't all that sad after all...


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