My daughter just completed first grade and passed with A's & B's. I am so proud of her! To celebrate, I surprised her with a limo!



I am all about making new traditions with my daughter. Being a single Mom with family not around can be tough. Sometimes, you have to come up with your own traditions and celebrations. Well, this is going to be hard to top, but yesterday, on her last day of school, I showed up in a limo.

I called around and got quotes from every limo service under the sun. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for this and I am on a budget. I came across Zoladz and was impressed with their fleet and pricing, the next was their availability.

Luckily, I was able to grab this at an incredible price because it was during the week and right before their wedding season. (Whew!)

I sent a text to Amber's friends Mom's to make sure it was OK to bring them along. They were more than thankful for the opportunity for their child as well. Amber has amazing friends and these girls definitely deserve it!

The limo pulls up to her school and the kids went nuts. It was field day so all of the kiddos were outside. I get out of the limo and I heard my former students yell. "WOAH! That's Ms. Nardone!" (I used to teach at the school where my daughter and her friends attend.) I picked the girls up and they were super excited! Off to the first stop!



I then made reservations at The Chocolate Bar downtown. We went there for their "make your own kids sundae's" and of course "chocolate fondue." They adored every second of it. Especially, with the Sponge Bob episodes playing in the bathrooms. LOL.


Then, I took them on a tour of the radio station where they met Juli Hinds our midday Goddess and then to WYRK to see Misha!


To end the tour, the girls serenaded our boss, Bob with the National Anthem!

Certainly a day that will go into the history books for my family!

Happy graduation!!!!

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