This is one of those things where if you know someone who knows the secrets, you have to learn to join in. Someone let us in on the secret and we've been having a lot of fun buying things CHEAP.

I found $5 chainsaws from Walmart and I bought a few of them and thought, well for 5 bucks you can't beat that. So, I came home and bought 3 more pallets of them.


Each pallet was 12 chainsaws. So, that's 60 bucks plus tax and with shipping free, I had 12 chainsaws at my house in no time. Now, to be honest, these aren't your top brand chainsaws. They're corded, 14-inch saws, but for FIVE BUCKS, who cares. They're great quality by the way I was cutting down small trees and some massive shrubs when I was testing them out.

Here's the secret we found out.

But, here's the place you have to go to get all these goods. There is a liquidation website that has all of Amazon and Walmart overstocked products and they are EXTREMELY discounted. The catch is, that you don't know exactly what you're getting, but you do know that the value is well above you are about to pay. Here is the site. For example: for just over $1,000 bucks you will get 24 pallets, but you only have a general idea of what you're getting. Truckload (24 Pallet Spaces) of Home Management, Home Decor & More, 1,227 Units, Ext. Retail $40,688, Johnstown, NY, 300 Miles Free Shipping

It could be gold. At the very least, you know you're going to be getting quite a loot and it will be worth the money. Is it something you actually need? That's another story.

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