Last May while most of us were quarantined and complaining of being bored and putting on weight Corey Winter of Langford decided to do something constructive...He set out to build himself a new barn.

He'd never tackled a challenge like this before but that didn't stop him Winter told WKBW-TV...

"We just started building it, no blueprints, off the top of our head."

He and his 79-year-old uncle went to work. Corey says after working at his regular job every day he would head outside and he and his uncle would work on the project.

According to Corey, another plus...80% of the building is constructed of reclaimed lumber.

The second floor of the barn was originally intended to be Corey's workshop, but according to his wife Mare, their daughters had a better idea. They wanted it turned into a space for them.

The loft now is fitted with bunk beds, TV, air-hockey, and plenty of comfy seating. Mare says "there were times at night we'd sit on the deck and he'd say I can't believe I'm building this and I would say...your building this"

While the pandemic was like 'groundhog day for most of us Corey Winter took on the first time challenge of building a barn, and with his wife, Mare documenting his effort in a 500+ picture catalog he completed the task.

Corey's new barn stands as a tribute to positive thinking and an infectious can-do attitude.

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