If you plan on checking out the 2018 WNY Job Fair today at the Buffalo Niagara Convention you need to look good. Here are some tips to dress to impress.

Match the interviewer:

If you want to get the job, your choice of dress should match what the company's personality is. If it is a corporate job and you will spend most of your time in a Suit or dress clothes you should be dress like that for the interview. If you are looking for a job in the mines or on an assembly line, you can dress business casual.

Present yourself neatly:

You want to make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. Wrinkles are a BIG no-no. Make sure your shoes are clean too!

Avoid loud prints:

It is OK to show a bit of your personality in your clothes, but don't go overbook with prints! Unless you are applying for a job at a Resort Hotel, avoid Hawaiian shirts!

Accessorize smartly:

If you have a purse or backpack, make sure it matches and doesn't send the wrong message. A shiny tiny clutch might give off a "party girl" vibe or a dirty backpack could send messages of someone who doesn't care!

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