We all daydream about having more free time, especially while we are at work. Have you ever wondered what the right amount of free time is during the course of a day?

Well don't look now, but someone has done research on that, obviously someone who had a lot of time on their hands

The Effects of Being Time Poor and Time Rich on Life Satisfaction" found that 2.5 hours per day (for people who work) is optimal. Less than that and most people feel stressed. More than that and they feel lazy and unproductive.

Actually 2.5 hours a day seems about right.  That leaves 8 hours for work, 1 hour total to drive to and from, 3 hours for meals breakfast, lunch and dinner, 1.5 hours for incidentals, entertainment, Showering, etc. and 8 hours to sleep.  That's just for a single guy like me!  Kids would throw real a monkey wrench into the works.  (Boing Boing.net)

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