A report just came out that stated the average person spends $1500.00 on Christmas. I don't think this is accurate.



I have an 8 year old daughter and this is the first year she is asking for electronics for Christmas. Each year it is Barbies, Cupatini's, Lego's, a guitar, etc... I have gotten away with a lot so far.

I checked out her Christmas list and I saw a new tablet, (the one she has works perfectly fine) and get this...

A Nintendo Switch? Just because her friends have one, she wants one too...

It's starting already?

Well, a new survey states that the average person spends $1500 on Christmas. Well, what about food? Decorations? What about if you had more than one kid? What about gifts for family members? This number seems awfully low.

So, how much money do you spend on Christmas?

Do you think this number is accurate? I certainly don't


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