Have you ever had a discussion with your husband or significant other about previous relationships or more specifically how many people they have kissed in their lifetime? Would a discussion like this result in an argument or hard feelings?

I think it would be safe to leave out family members or relatives. What about you? How may people have you kissed?

Would you believe...

According to a recent survey, 5% of adults have never been kissed . . . 4% have only kissed one person . . . 29% have kissed somewhere between 2 and 10 . . . 24% have kissed between 11 and 50 people . . . and 15% have kissed MORE than 50 people.

So where do you fall....hmmm, can't remember or don't kiss and tell.

The survey also found people in the western U.S. are the least likely to have never been kissed . . . only 3% compared to 6% everywhere else.  And they're also more likely to have kissed over 50 people . . . 20% compared to 16% in the Northeast, 13% in the South, and 12% in the Midwest.

Check here for a list based on region, age, gender and more from YouGov.


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