Do public displays of affection make you cringe or do you seem them as a normal course of events? I suppose you would have to qualify what the specific PDA was?

Brits for example see holding hands as perfectly acceptable, and the same for hugging. Kissing was rated as ok, but NOT French Kissing. (Hmmm I thought Britain and France got along.) By the way heavy petting is also taboo, (whoever came up with that term should probably be banished from the kingdom)

Kissing with tongues is where Britons draw the line – though again, age and gender makes a considerable difference to people’s views on the matter. One in five men (20%) are comfortable with it, compared to just one in eleven women (9%). 18 to 24 year olds are three times more likely than those aged 55 and above to think it’s acceptable (20% vs 6%).

How do you feel? Personally I think the Brits may have been put-off a bit by Woodstock, (the Festival, not the bird).

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