Now if you have looked to the stars and ever imagined going beyond our planet Earth, this might be a possibility in a few years.  How about actually taking a vacation?

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Channel 7 reports that the Gateway Foundation is working on their very first space hotel with artificial gravity.  The goal:

 to make space vacations a reality by 2025. Right now, So the Von Braun Space Station is going to be the first commercial space station with artificial gravity,”said Tim Alatorre, a senior design architect with the company.

And yes, NASA knows,

“NASA built the space station with just a few tools, one of them is the mechanical arm that we often see in the videos,” said John Blinko, President of the Gateway Foundation. “It’s the arm that we want to adopt in our space construction and designs and schemes and so forth.”

So how much will this cost?

 Our projections are showing the price of tickets is going to get lower as time goes on. So for right now, it could be cost prohibitive for some, but in a few short years, it’s going to be a common thing people do. As soon as Starship is ready to launch and is orbital, we want to be one of the first customers to launch into orbit.

So, would you do this?  Well, if you really want to get away from your boss, maybe, right?

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