So could it be that Batman was behind the wheel of an I-190 crash here in Buffalo tonight?  Or was it the Joker?

According to Channel 4 News a "replica of the Dark Knight's iconic vehicle" did indeed crash on our I-190 tonight, all in the attempt to make it to our Nickel City Con.

BTW.  Before you go further, look how cool think replica of the 1966 bat mobile is:

But, thankfully, if you check out Batman's Facebook page all is well, "We (the Dynamic Duo) are okay. Robin is a little banged up, but he'll be alright!  The Batmobile is heading back to the Batcave for extensive repairs. Alfred sure has his work cut out for him!"

So, it looks like it looks like  you'll miss Batman and Robin this year, but never fear there is always next year.  What are we talking about, Nickel City Con, loads of people showing up.  Holy Cow!  Or dare I say Shazam?


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