Mount St. Mary’s Hospital has created a unique way to share messages of encouragement for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The “Heroes Rock!” garden is featured at the base of the statue of the hospital's namesake outside the main lobby entrance.

Mount St. Mary’s Hospital Manager of Public Relations and Community Affairs Karrie Gebhardt stated in a press release...

“One of our leadership staff, Bernadette Franjoine, VP of Mission Integration, has a cousin who painted several rocks with pictures and words of encouragement,”... “The community has started to join in, bringing rocks displaying words of hope and inspiration. As Hospital associates walk-in  & out each day by the Blessed Mother, they will see these uplifting messages.”

Mount St. Mary’s was looking for a way to bolster the spirits of both patients and medical personnel with the limitations in place regarding hospital visitation.

 Gebhardt said, “We would be happy if the community wanted to join in, too.”


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