Naps can be beneficial to your well being and sometimes much needed. But, it is all about where you should nap that really matters.



According to the sleep foundation there are three types of naps.

Planned napping- this is a nap before you are actually tired and you prepare for it. Pull the curtains, set a timer, etc...

Emergency napping- This happens almost instantly when you are really groggy like sleep driving. It is wise to pull over if you feel drowsy or tired to nap. You can nap anywhere with this type of nap.

Habitual napping- This happens when you take a nap at the same time everyday.

The best kind of nap according to a new survey is after a meal, or exercise. They suggest a cool, dark, room. Another aspect of a perfect nap? With a blanket and pillow snuggled with a pet. It needs to last more than 20 minutes.

Happy napping!


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