We all need a place we can go to unwind after work.  For some, that's the place with the best Happy Hour.  Here's a list of Buffalo's best.

There's are a lot of reasons why the show "Cheers" worked so well.  The idea that there was a place you could go where everyone already knew your name was comforting to people.  It was a bar, but it was a gathering place for people to go and talk about whatever was important to them that day.  That bar was that place for them.

Whether it's for the atmosphere, the calming effect it has on you, the cheap drinks, or the great food to go with them, we've all got our favorite places to go after work.

There's no question that word of mouth is incredibly important.  When someone tells you exactly what their experience was like when they went to these places or what their food was like, people tend to listen.  They're even more meaningful when there are multiple people bragging on the same place.

That's where Yelp comes in.  They let people rate establishments on their own.

So where are Buffalo's best places to stop and get a drink and maybe a bite to eat on the way home after a long day?  I went to Yelp to find out.

These are all establishments that are in the city of Buffalo.  You'll see some on Hertel, Chippewa, Main St, and Pearl.

Do you have a favorite that should've made it to this list?  Let us know!

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