There is a new rookie at the Hamburg Police Department and she might be the cutest officer to ever enter the ranks.

The Hamburg Police Department recently adopted a lost puppy they found wandering outside during the winter storm earlier this month.

Officers noticed she was cold and hungry and brought her to the station to warm up and get some food.


It is not unusual for local police departments to take in stray dogs. Usually, the owner will report the dog missing and the two will be reunited, or the dog will be microchipped and the police can locate its owner that way.  

For Paddy, none of that happened so the department decided to adopt her and make her the station mascot. She is there to help officers and other personnel during stressful times and bring some light-hearted moments to the department.

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WKBW Channel 7 recently did a story on Paddy. You can check it out below.

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