Many businesses have had to get creative with how they deliver their products to their customers.  Take for example what some in the movie industry are doing...

Just like any other business where mass gatherings of people have been shut down, people in the movie business have had to get creative with the things that they provide.

In Washington state, some drive-in theaters are seeing a resurgence in attendance.  When you think about it, it's perfect.  You're socially distanced from other people, you get to get out of your house, and you get to watch a movie.  Win-win-win.

But what do you offer to those people who don't actually want to leave their house?  They can stream movies from morning until night.  But the one thing you can't get at home that you can get in a movie theater popcorn.

Some of the microwave brands have tried, but you just cannot replicate what they do in the movie theater.

So Hamburg Palace Theater has begun to offer movie popcorn curbside pickup.

All that movie popcorn goodness that you can take home and enjoy on your couch...none of the coronavirus threats.

Help support your local theater if you can.

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