Photo: The Buffalo News

There's a local favorite to win Fox's next round of the reality show, "Kicking & Screaming."

According to an article in The Buffalo News, "Maxwell Carr, who grew up in Hamburg, attended Canisius High School and lives in Buffalo, is the local contestant seeking a $500,000 prize in the series that premieres at 9 p.m. March 9 on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate."

Fox describes the program:

"The series drops these unlikely duos into a tropical jungle in Fiji, where they must overcome dangerous animals, raging rivers, hunger and extreme weather.


"While these no-nonsense survivalists are accustomed to fending for themselves, there’s one thing for which none of their previous expeditions has prepared them: their teammates, who think 'glamping' is roughing it.


"Among them are a former beauty pageant winner, a model and a professional gamer. To win the competition, and a cash prize of $500,000, the experts will have to drag their partners, KICKING & SCREAMING, to the finish line."


Maxwell Carr isn't the only local man to appear on network reality shows recently. The Field family of Lakeview, NY were the winners of ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight," in November. 

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