I proudly admit it...I am a "country boy"...and I THOUGHT I was married to a "country girl! I watched this YouTube video and quickly showed it to my wife. She just as quickly asked me, "are you out of your mind?". So what's the problem with cooking our Thanksgiving turkey, albeit, a little different this year? We won't have a mess in the oven.  You'll have more room to cook other things. Well OK, we'll have a hole in the backyard.

That's right...cooking a turkey in a hole in the ground. What a Thanksgiving memory you'll be sure to talk about for years to come. I will be honest I would worry about getting some dirt in the pan, but if you're careful that shouldn't happen. So I mentioned these things to Maribeth and this time she didn't say anything. I only got "the look". You know, where her arms are crossed, the chin dips and one eyebrow is raised? "The look"...that says, "are you out of your mind?".

So I guess the tradition of oven cooking will continue for another year. That is until next year when I figure out a way to "disconnect" some wire in the oven heating element. THEN, me and my shovel will help save the day!

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