We've seen ice do some strange things here in Western New York, but this picture from Ontario is downright chilling.

You might remember seeing a car get completely encased in ice a few years back when it got left overnight in Hamburg.  These figures were formed in the same way, but they've got a much more haunting aura about them.

The homeowner is Ben Tucci from Dunnville, Ontario.  He took the pictures after a local storm and shared them on facebook.  The pictures were then picked up by the Mirror, the New York Post and more, and have gone viral on Twitter and Instagram.  They even made the opening monologue on Fallon:


These things are downright creepy.  If you can imagine every Hollywood movie depiction of the grim reaper, these things are a dead ringer complete with long robes and long, skinny fingers.

 "My initial reaction was one of awe. I couldn't believe my eyes. On the first formation, I thought this is Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, Father Christmas, or perhaps even the Grim Reaper. My immediate reaction to the "dejected" looking figure was of an eerie looking woman or a sea hag of sorts, leaving the property almost as if to be walking away from Jack Frost". - Ben Tucci on The Mirror

If you've ever been haunted by winter, this is kind of the personification of it.

Tucci was able to capture the picture and says that the water from the lake just gathered on his neighbor's lamp post but it's easy to see how spooky they are.

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