Who knew that going to concerts will make you live longer?

You see that your favorite band is coming to town. You call up your friends or tag them in a post on Facebook about it. You do a quick chit chat back and forth and BAM! You purchase your tickets for the show.

In the days and weeks leading up to the show, hitting up the mall to grab those cool boots in the window at Aldo's is a must! Not only is a cute outfit imperative for the show, it is a must. You never know if you will meet the band, right? I might be a little too old, but before you had to pay an arm and a leg to meet the band, I would hang out by their tour bus and wait for them to come out to grab a picture or autograph. That's how it used to happen.

Either way, you gotta dress up!

It is the day of the show and you plan who is picking up who, who the DD is, etc...

The drummer comes out, then the bass player, guitarist, and last but not least, the singer and from their very first note, you are hooked.

In a recent study, going to concerts makes you live longer. The study found that only 20 minutes at a concert will make you feel 21 percent better. This is stronger than yoga and walking the dog.

In conclusion? GO TO CONCERTS!!!!! Sing at the top of your lungs! Enjoy it!

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