The Dow Jones Industrial Averages have been breaking records for months now. The national unemployment is at a manageable 5.8% and now gas prices are below $2 a gallon in 13 states.  3 states have pumps at $1.90!

Some economists and most motorists are rejoicing at the steady good economic news showing a bright future for the U.S. But some aren't so positive saying it's actually causing billions in losses for certain businesses.

But the fact remains that gas prices are at a five year low and says:

"In fact, as of Sunday evening, the number of states that saw at least one station at $1.99 or less had jumped to thirteen from just three a week ago ... As of midday Sunday, all 48 lower U.S. states saw averages under $3 a gallon, with New York being the last of the lower 48 to join. Motorists are saving $270 million dollars every day versus pump prices a year ago."

Gas prices are also on the decline in many parts of Canada as they also enjoy advancements in automotive efficiency and an increase in domestic production like the United States.


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