"Rome wasn't made in a day, but Internet stars can be" writers Harper Bazaar's Chelsey Sanchez.

That's what happened to Charlotte Awbery, who has found a following since she sang out-loud Lady Gaga's "Shallow" in the subway.


Here is how it started,

 Video creator Kevin Freshwater discovered the singer while filming his segment, "Finish the Lyrics," in which he prompts random strangers to finish the lines of a song he's singing.

At first Awbery was shy but then effortlessly sang the full lyrics to the Oscar-winning song.

 A stunned Freshwater encourages her to continue. "Wow," he says in the clip. "Keep going.

She did.

Freshwater laughs seemingly incredulously at the end of her makeshift performance, adding, "You're brilliant! Are you a singer? Oh, my God, you're amazing."

Here is the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper duet, lovely!

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