In the last few years I've noticed the traditional Advent calendar stocked full of chocolates can be hard to find -- instead, novelty and themed Advent calendars are all the rage.

Grocery chain Aldi made headlines for their $70 wine Advent calendar. We never had the chance in New York state to get that excited for it -- liquor laws prevent grocery stores from selling wine. They can sell "wine products," such as wine coolers, but not wine.

Most of us would still be bummed out, even if purchasing the Aldi wine calendar was allowed -- USA Today reports that the calendars sold out at all locations, and are fetching prices up to $300 on eBay.

Instead, here are a few Advent calendars we love (that you can buy in New York state).

  1. Reese's Advent Calendar
  2. Harry Potter Advent Calendar
  3. Star Wars Socks Advent Calendar
  4. Lego Advent Calendar
  5. Whiskey Advent Calendar
  6. Hatchimals Advent Calendar


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