If you notice while flicking through your Facebook feed, there are some common themes.  If you've recently searched for leggings, you'll see ads for leggings. If you've posted something political, you'll see more ads for that party.

I LOVE to cook and search for recipes all the time, so my feed is always filled with food-related stuff, and those AWESOME short videos from Tasty (I think I've attempted 80% of their videos...keep them coming!).

Goulash Casserole from Iowa Kitchen
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Good old fashioned GOULASH appeared in my feed the other day. I haven't had it since the 80s.  My mom would make it no less than once a week.  And I thought it was SO fancy and exotic.  There are TONS of recipe variations, but one thing was constant in my house: you had to eat it with buttered white bread.

What other foods (usually from the 80s) did you think was so special and awesome when you were a kid...and now that you cook for your own family, you realize it was just cheap and quick?

Some examples:

Share yours in the comments!



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