You're just laying in bed staring at the ceiling wondering why the heck you can't fall asleep.

It might have been something you ate.  No not indigestion. The

  • Fruits and veggies have a high water content and well when mother nature calls you'd better be awake to answer.
  • Bread, potatoes and rice...make you feel sleepy right, but the carbs cause you blood sugar to spike and voila you're awake
  • Fried foods and butter....nope tossin and turning will result.
  • Skip the alcohol as affects REM sleep.

Almonds, walnuts or a cup of chamomile tea are things that will help you sleep....and there is always the old stand-by a cup of warm milk, *(unless of-course you are lactose intolerant, if you are I would advise against sneezing).

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