If you thought that the Canalside fireworks couldn't get any better, wait until next year.




Despite the heat index raising it's temperatures to over 92 degrees, tons of people were still out and about for the fireworks at Canalside. A lot of people were actually bummed they couldn't watch the fireworks from the Outerharbor like years passed.

Salvatore, who is the mastermind behind this ordeal said,

"Shooting out at the Outer Harbor makes it very difficult for people to see the fireworks at Canalside."

To avoid this, he wants to make it even bigger next year. Ready for it?

He wants to close down the skyway (ugh, just hearing that name makes people cringe) and line it with food trucks and have people watch the fireworks display from there.

What do you do think of this idea? I think it would be pretty epic! As always, I would be more concerned about parking and being able to maneuver my way in and out of it.

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