When you're planning a wedding, there are hundreds of things to consider.  One of the biggest that people struggle with is where it's actually going to be.

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It's a stressful time.  But it shouldn't be.  You're planning a celebration.

If you're just starting to plan for your wedding now, one of the first things you should be thinking about is where you're going to have it.  Do you want something more elegant?  Should it be outdoor or indoor?  Something cheap?  There's a lot to weigh.

When choosing anything for your wedding there are two huge questions you need to ask yourself.  The first is, "Can we afford it?"  If the answer is no, then it's time to move on from it.  The last thing you should be doing is going into debt over one day.  It really is the fastest day ever too.  That is the one thing that every single bride and groom I've ever worked with has ever said.  The day flies by!

The second question you should ask yourself is, "Does it fit our personality as a couple?"

If you love a more rustic-style decor, then why choose a venue that is full of champagne flutes and chandeliers?  The same could be said for the opposite.  If you love fancier things, that look is going to be a lot harder to attain in a tent outside.  It's possible for sure, but it'll definitely be more difficult.

One thing that a lot of people forget to include in their search for a venue is fire halls. Are they for everyone?  Nope.  But should they at least be a consideration?  Yup...those places that hold meat raffles and bingo often clean up pretty nicely for a wedding and there are a bunch of reasons that you should at least consider them.

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