You're driving to work, mentally planning out your day, you've just gotten in an argument with your husband.  You walk in the door and your boss reprimands you, for some minor thing you forgot, bosses are good at that. You're on the verge of tears...where do you go?

Would you believe most of us cry in our cars.

Three in 10 admitted that they’re more prone to crying when stressed and there’s definitely some preferred places for letting a few tears leak out.

More than half (53 percent) have cried in their car, while two in five have shed tears at a family event, and 34 percent have even cried at their job.

Walking down the street and the grocery story rounded out the other most common places people have cried.

It seems nobody cries at home anymore...

Several months ago when my Dad passed I wasn't extremely emotional. It wasn't till months later that I was driving and saw something that reminded me of my Dad that moved me to tears.

It's ok to cry, it's a release but remember if you feel drained, depressed on a regular basis, or have no one to confide in talk to your family physician, for suggestions on where to turn.


(SWNS Digital)

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