You're bummed out and you're alone, so you go listen to happy, upbeat music to make you feel better.

Not necessarily the case...

You just broken up with your boyfriend, and you're pretty blue...there's no one you want to talk to about it go to something that makes you feel better...MUSIC. But NOT upbeat happy music something sad and reserved.  Not because you want to wallow in self-pity but because it turns out listening to sad music when you're sad can actually make you HAPPIER.

It's not totally clear why that's the case.  But the researchers think it's because listening to happy, uplifting music can be IRRITATING when you're feeling down.


And there was a similar study recently, where people who were depressed said that sad music was almost like a supportive friend they could lean on.

So the next time you are bummed out turn to something reserved or sad to help your mood.

(British Psychological Digest)

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