A father and daughter took a bike ride together...that is not unusual, but WHAT they rode and WHERE they rode is!

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CBS 4 Miami reported that Randy and Amy Oleynik started their journey on October 9 in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan,  riding their antique high-wheel bikes, to the delight of drivers along their 2000 mile route.

The pair celebrated the conclusion of their journey arriving in Key West, Florida and jubilantly lifting their 132-year-old bicycles as spectators cheered their achievement.

“It’s our second ride,” said Randy Oleynik, a 61-year-old pharmacist from Carleton, Michigan. “We rode from San Francisco to Boston in 2016, and after that we decided we should do the north-to-south to complete basically the ‘holy grail’ of high-wheel biking across the country.”

The father-daughter duo said that they rode about 60 miles per day and were accompanied on their trek under the watchful eye of Randy’s wife and Amy’s mother who piloted a support van.

“When people see us going by, number one they smile, so it’s a great reaction,” said Randy Oleynik. “They wave, they yell, they beep their horns, they swerve, they’ll stop their cars in the middle of the road.”

Amy said she hopes the ride will inspire others to seek out enjoyable moments and challenges...something we all need to keep our spirits up during these uncertain times.

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