Can you imagine untangling one million holiday lights?

Mark Lewin

Well, it's all done.  "More than one million dazzling lights will be turned on this Friday at the Fairgrounds Festival of Light."

Folks have been working for weeks on this set up.

Channel 4 has has the festive story,

“As they say, if one bulb goes out, they all go out, so we have to check every single light bulb,” Marty Biniasz said, the marketing manager for the Erie County Fair.

Here's what to expect if you arrive on Friday,

You’ll start by driving through massive, lighted displays, which will take about 30 minutes. But Biniasz said families can spend between four and five hours there, because after the drive, there are six fully-decorated buildings to visit.

Now every building has it's own theme,

For example, in the New York State Police building during the Fair, it’s a gingerbread theme with a lot of activities and crafts,”

Vendors are on hand.  Plus there will be indoor rides and a comedy magic show.

Sounds like it's worth the trip.

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