Maybe showering on a daily basis isn't a necessary part of life, and could let you sleep in just a little later.

Before you get totally grossed-out the experts have now decided that a person is better off if they only shower a few times a week.

Taking daily showers is bad for your health, according to Dr. Casey Carlos, assistant professor of medicine in the division of dermatology at the University of California Sand Diego School of Medicine. “It’s not just the water that’s the problem,” states Carlos on, “it’s the soap that people use.” Dr. Carlos explains that soaps tend to remove the natural oils from the skin, and in turn, leaves the skin very dry. “If a person must use soap, they should only use it on their feet, groin, and armpits,” she said. She then goes on to explain that everyone should avoid putting soap on their legs, back, chest, and arms because those areas have an ability to clean itself. If this sounds a bit unusual, it should. There aren’t many research studies that suggest “self-cleaning” skin, but there are expert opinions on how the skin operates and how it might be better protected if it isn’t dried out.

The research goes on to say,

“Less recovery of the skin prevents good bacteria from growing on the skin, which is responsible for protecting the skin from infections,” based on expert medical opinions.

If that isn't enough to cause you to pause and reflect, it is also thought taking excessive showers with drying soaps can also cause wrinkles.

Taking showers, of course is an important part of hygiene and we're not advocating ignoring them altogether, just make sure that you limit the number of showers you take and that you use soaps that don’t dry your skin out.

(The Health Edge)

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