A glimpse inside another historic building in Western New York is waiting for you...with a chance to actually buy some of the treasures inside it!


The Cambria Castle in Williamsville (sometimes known as Oechsner's Castle) is holding an estate sale.  It opened to the public yesterday with over 5,000 people coming through to either purchase things, or just take a look.

Complete with towers and a moat, gargoyles and animal reliefs, Cambria Castle on Dream Island in Ellicott Creek was built beginning in 1917 by a German-born mason named Ignatz Oechsner, who was apparently homesick for his native village.  He used fossil rock from the Town of Holland.  The property is highlighted in Sue Miller Young's book "A History of the Town of Amherst, New York", and it has since been owned by two sisters, Mildred O'Rourke and Onalee Davies.  O'Rourke passed away, and Davies is in assisted living, so an estate sale was in order.

As for the sale of the actual building, it's unclear if it'll go up for sale, or if it will be staying in the family.

You can check out more relics today (4/28/17) from noon to 5pm, and tomorrow from 9am to 2pm at 175 Oakgrove Drive (directions here).

By the way, another historic Western New York landmark is re-opening for business this weekend!  Click here for info on the new and improved Hotel Henry!



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