The SPCA Serving Erie County has paused dog adoptions through the end of this week after experiencing cases of dog pneumonia within its facility.

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According to the SPCA it is in addition to pausing adoptions, changing how members and volunteers relate to animals in the shelter, careful observation of animals and early treatment if necessary, and expand deep cleaning of the shelter.

According to a story aired on WKBW-TV...

“Outbreaks of this nature are unfortunately not uncommon in animal sheltering, especially when part of our mission is to serve sick and injured animals,” said SPCA Vice President of Veterinary Services Melanie Rushforth. “Our team of professional caretakers has increased safety protocols to ensure we contain this, and our quick response will have a positive effect on the health of both our current and future population.”

Research from the University of Florida states in part that...

Contagious respiratory infections are the most common cause of illness in dogs in shelters. These infections represent a significant drain on shelter resources, including costs associated with treatment, staff time, and morale. Holding dogs for treatment and recovery adds to the number of days until a dog is eligible for adoption, which in turn impacts the holding capacity for the shelter. Respiratory infections are mostly accepted as a “fact of life” in animal shelters.

The SPCA hopes pausing dog adoptions through at least September 17th will allow more time to monitor the health of the animals affected and clear the shelter of the illness. The SPCA will observe the situation through week's end and determine whether adoptions will be paused beyond the current September 17th date.


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