Everyone hates going to the Emergency room because of the excruciating wait times. Well, Millard Fillmore and Degraff have a solution.



Let's be honest, how many times have you gone to the emergency room for a cold? Fever? Sprained ankle? Nothing super life threatening but enough to make your life uncomfortable. It stinks!

Well, due to the amazing power of technology, you can now log in online and check in through their website. They will give you an estimated time to come in and you will be seen promptly. This way, you can be comfortable in your own home. This is definitely a win/win for everyone!

According to Darcy Craven, president of DeGraff Memorial and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospitals,

"Our patients deserve more respect for their time in the Emergency Department"

Obviously, if you are having a life threatening emergency, go to the emergency room and don't wait.

But, this will definitely cut down on those awful wait times!

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