If you plan on going out to a Super Bowl party this weekend make sure you have a plan to get home safely.

The New York State Police announced this week that in order to help keep the roadways safe across the state, they would be upping the amount of DWI patrols and DWI checkpoints across the state.

The New York State police have done "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaigns before, especially over holiday weekends.

According to their press release, over 100,000 tickets were issued during their last campaign, which ran from Christmas to New Year's Day.

That campaign ran from December 13th through January 1st. Here is a breakdown of the tickets the New York State police issued statewide during that campaign.

Violation - Number of Tickets

Impaired Driving - 3,030

Distracted Driving - 1,027

Move Over Law - 597

Other Violations - 78,685

Seatbelt - 2,537

Speeding - 20,633

Grand Total - 106,509

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Take a look at the most common traffic violations that we see on the roads of New York every single day.

1. Speeding - It doesn't matter if you are on a highway or crowded side street, you will see at least one person flying down the season well above the posted speed limit.

2. Running A Red Light - Tons of people are trying to make that light as it changes from yellow to red and there is always that one idiot who goes through that light that has been red for a couple of seconds.

3. No Turn Signal - Apparently drivers in New York think everyone is a mind reader and when they go to turn or move into a new lane, they just know that you know they are turning. Of if cars and trucks had some device to let other drivers know you are turning....oh wait, they do...use your turn signal.

4. Tailgating - We all want friends but driving down the highway at 65 mph is not the best time to buddy up with someone. According to the driving manual, you are supposed to leave at least two car lengths between you and the car in front of you. I can assure you that if I can see you flossing in my review mirror, you are too close.

5. Distracted Driving - How many times have you looked at the idiot next to you who almost cut you off and they are either talking on their cell phone, have their dog in their lap, or are chowing down on a burger with both hands? That is what we call distracted driving. The worst is the person texting and driving.

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