So you're stuck in the house again this weekend, and now that you are working or confined to the house every day seems the same. Here are ideas of things you can do with your extra time this weekend . . .

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1.  If you're a foodie . . .  Get takeout from a place you've been wanting to try.  Make a recipe you've had bookmarked forever.

2.  If you're a sports fan . . .  Read up on your favorite sport or team.

3.  If you're into culture . . .  Take a virtual museum tour, like the ones on Google's Arts & Culture page.  Read books or watch movies you never had time for before.

4.  If you're an extrovert . . .  Host a virtual happy hour with your friends.  Break out board games and puzzles to do with your family.

5.  If you just want to relax . . .  Meditate.  Take a bath (instead of a shower). Or just take a nap.

6.  Grab those earbuds and your smartphone, download your favorite music app (96.1The Breeze) and block out the world for a while.



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