While driving into work early (very early) this morning, I noticed that The Electric Tower is lit up at night. But something seemed off about the colors this morning.

While I get that The Electric Tower was going all 'MERICA with the Red, White, and Blue, but the way the colors lined up threw me off!

Photo Credit: Dave Fields
Photo Credit: Dave Fields

Yes, the USA colors are Red, White, and Blue but it seems to me that when you do the colors in the correct order, Red should be on top, then white and blue. It is reversed in the picture I snapped this morning.

It could be me, but when I list the colors in my head and see them somewhere, I would always put Red on top followed by White and then Blue.

Am I crazy or does it make sense?

Anyhow...it was really cool to see The Electric Tower lit up while driving into work this morning!

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