I don't know. Maybe it's that Bing Crosby song. Maybe it comes from memories of our childhod Christmases [unless, of course, you grew up in the Southern Hemisphere].We want...no, we crave a white Christmas. Last year was disappointing. But how do things look this year?

Taking a quick peek at the web sites of WKBW-TV and the National Weather Service, it looks like we should be all right. Snow is predicted for the weekend and, combining that with the colder temperatures expected at least through Christmas Day, a white Christmas looks like a lock.

Then again, do we really want a white Christmas? Sure, it makes the kids with sleds under the tree happy. But it also makes getting to Gramma's house for Christmas dinner a little tricky, especially if there's a lot of the white stuff. I have to confess, getting around last year was a lot easier without the snow.

But what's your opinion on the snow question?:

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