You may have noticed folks around you with covers for their laptop cameras

If you haven't here is what they look like.  I noticed one of my students at Medaille College using one this morning, and she told me it was a security must.



So, asked Quora the question: Do we need to block our computer cameras?

        The answer given is complicated:

No, you don’t NEED to cover your laptop camera, but it doesn’t hurt either. Many Windows based laptops and older Macbooks have vulnerabilities where it is possible for a hacker to turn on the webcam on your laptop without activating the LED light that is supposed to let you know the camera is on.

Quora added that the best way for hackers to gain information on you is by physically gaining possession of your computer for a time. They then install malware that grants them access.

So, the best thing to do is

 Ensure your anti-virus software is up to date and your firewall is active, and to make sure you don’t install malware from suspicious e-mail attachments or sketchy web downloads.

Think I am going to still buy one, my MAC is six years old, a thousand years in computer time.

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