Are you a fan of "Grey's Anatomy", or other medical dramas?

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Be aware that according to those in the know medical dramas . . .

particularly "Grey's" . . . can give you false expectations when it comes to the realities of medical care, treatment, and recovery.


For the study, doctors watched all 269 episodes of the show, focusing on the 290 trauma patients.  And they found that their experiences didn't necessarily mirror those of REAL trauma patients.

Apparently cases on the show tended to be more severe, and progress more quickly to the Emergency Room or Surgery.  Also, their conclusions didn't necessarily mirror real life.  On the show, patients tended to either die or get sent home pretty quickly.

Also, 22% of trauma patients on "Grey's Anatomy" DIED . . . compared with 7% in the real world.

So, I guess no matter how "dreamy" you may think a doctor on TV is, don't get sick on their series.  Where's Marcus Welby when you need him.

(Entertainment Weekly)

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